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ARXX Walls & Foundations

Five ways to build superior comfort into your home

3. Keep it quiet


With Arxx insulated concrete walls the peace and quiet is built-in

Arxx Foundations: Peace of mind

When you build your foundation walls with Arxx you know that your basement is going to be one of the most comfortable rooms in the house! Plus, with Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of up to 50 or more, your basement will be extremely sound resistant. (If your teenage son is going to be a rock star, this is where he should practice!)

Arxx basements are stronger than conventional basements because the concrete gets a moist cure inside the insulated forms. What’s more, you can protect the foundation with our peel-and-stick moisture barrier, or use our premium damp proofing, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap.

Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America, with over ten years real world building experience. With The Arxx Championship Support Team on your side, your foundation will be built to last.

Arxx walls have also been tested by Underwriter Laboratories and rated for fire resistance. It all adds up, so you know that your home, and your family is truly safe. That’s how you build peace of mind.


Arxx Exterior Walls: Quiet confidence

Find true peace and quiet inside your home, no matter how noisy it is outside.
The massive concrete core of an Arxx wall protects your home from external noise. An Arxx wall will reduce sound transmission into your home by 75% - 85% when compared to a conventional wood frame wall. Noisy neighbors, busy streets and jarring lawn mowers are reduced to a whisper.

Arxx walls carry an impressive Sound Transmission Class (STC) of up to 50 or more. This means it’s a lot quieter inside an Arxx home. In fact, many commercial builders use Arxx walls when they are building movie theaters because Arxx provides such effective sound control, so it would be great for your home theatre.

Next to comfort, “quietness” is the benefit most often cited by families who live in ICF homes. They say that after living in a home built with insulated concrete walls, they would never live in a conventional wood frame again. An Arxx home is just so much more comfortable and quiet.


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Arxx Walls & Foundations
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Quiet Inside
Arxx walls make indoor peace and quiet a reality.


Peace of Mind
Enjoy the quiet, comfort, and safety of an Arxx home.


Durable Arxx walls help protect you from fire, rain, and wind storms.





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