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ARXX Walls & Foundations

Five ways to build superior comfort into your home

4. Make it beautiful


If you can imagine it, you can build it with Arxx

Arxx Foundations: Any shape, any size, every basement is better with Arxx

Perhaps you’re building on a sloped lot. Perhaps the shape of your foundation is complex, with lots of custom nooks, crannies and curves. Or perhaps, you want the extra headroom with a 9' ceiling in your basement. Whatever you’re looking for in your basement, your contractor can probably build it easier, faster and stronger with Arxx.

Arxx is the stay-in-place concrete form designed by builders, for builders. It is the complete wall building system. Arxx forms are lightweight, pre-assembled, and lock together. Arxx is perfect for basements. Arxx forms are 16¾" high, so six rows stack to a finished ceiling height of 8'1". Add another row of 12" high forms, and you get a finished 9'1" basement. What’s more, you can protect the foundation with our peel-and-stick moisture barrier, or use our premium damp proofing, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap.

But what really makes a basement beautiful is comfort. That is one thing you can count on with an Arxx basement – it will be super comfortable. You will be using it as finished living space from the very first day it’s built.


Arxx Exterior Walls: Curved walls, straight walls, beautiful walls

You can create any shape or size home you can imagine. Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America. We provide the widest product selection in the industry, so you can easily build any shape, curve or angle. You can finish it with any material – brick, stone, stucco, or wood siding, confident that it’s solidly attached with the Arxx patented, exposed X-web. With a reinforced concrete core, Arxx walls have the strength to create large open spaces, offering you complete design flexibility.

With the added thickness of an Arxx wall, you can create beautiful inset windows with deep, crisp shadows that emphasize the architectural details.

Whether it’s a Victorian Gingerbread home, a Colonial Mansion, or a small getaway, your Arxx home will be quiet, easy to maintain, and safer from fire, hurricanes, and wood rot.

Your Arxx home will be low maintenance and energy efficient, and have excellent resale value. It’s a solid investment, and that’s what makes it truly beautiful.

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Arxx Walls & Foundations
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Flexible Design
Create any shape, style or size home you can imagine.


Any Finish
Brick, stone, wood, stucco, whatever finish you want.


Healthy Home
Your home will be comfortable, quiet, warm and healthy.





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