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ARXX Walls & Foundations

Five ways to build superior comfort into your home

5. Be green


Save energy, save the environment, and save money with an Arxx home

Arxx Foundations: Save energy from the basement up

Arxx foundations are far more energy efficient and last longer than conventional foundations. Arxx walls can virtually eliminate the “cold spots” that occur in conventional foundations, because your basement is wrapped in two continuous layers of foam insulation.

The solid concrete core of an Arxx wall stabilizes the interior temperature because of its thermal mass. Arxx walls can produce equivalent insulation values of up to R-50. You enjoy stable, constant thermal performance in your basement, even when the outdoor temperature changes dramatically throughout the day.
The increased energy efficiency is not just a financial benefit. In the event of a power outage, the R-50 equivalent of the walls helps maintain the comfort zone inside the home for approximately three times longer than most conventional walls.

By saving energy with an Arxx home, you are reducing global warming caused by energy consumption, and helping to reduce deforestation by using less wood.
With all of these benefits, the surprising thing is that Arxx foundations cost about the same to build as conventional finished foundations. (Actual costs do vary, so call your Arxx Customer Support Representative for more information at 1-800-293-3210.) So if you are building a new home, build it with an Arxx foundation. You’ll save energy, you’ll help save the environment, and you’ll save money.

Arxx Exterior Walls: Superior energy savings and value for your entire home

Over the long run, benefits like energy efficiency, disaster and fire resistance, and durability reduce the cost of owning your home. Reduced noise and more constant temperatures mean quiet comfort that you can enjoy year round. It all adds up to savings that you will enjoy, year after year.

With its high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass, you can use a smaller heating and cooling system, and save up to and over 50% of heating and cooling costs (depending on the region where you live) compared to a conventional home. In fact, your Arxx home may qualify for an energy efficient mortgage.

An Arxx home with above grade exterior walls, typically costs more to build than a conventional wood frame home. But lower energy bills and lower insurance premiums can more than offset the slightly higher mortgage payment. The real payback is in quality, and the benefits of a quieter and more comfortable home.

Item Conventional Home Arxx Home Comments
Building Cost $200,000 $208,000 4% more
Monthly Costs
Mortgage $1,119 $1,163 7.5% interest
Taxes $300 $312 15% tax rate
Insurance $60 $48 20% savings
Energy $145 $102 30% savings
Total Monthly Cost $1624 $1625 Cost Only $1 More

Information provided by the Portland Cement Association.


Arxx Walls & Foundations
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Cleaner Air
Arxx forms do not produce any CFCs or HCFCs.


Lower Utility Bills
You can save up to 50% of your energy costs every year.


Save Trees
Fewer trees are cut down because Arxx homes use less wood.





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