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Fastfoot® Footings

Fastfoot® is a fabric footing form that prevents rising damp. Stakes are driven into the ground, 2x4 screed boards attached at the correct height, and Fastfoot® is stapled to each 2x4 to form and protect the concrete from ground moisture.

Fact: One linear foot of concrete foundation can wick up to 2-1/4 pounds of ground water per day (Phoenix Engineering 2003)

Fact: Dampness was reported in over 50% of finished basements (CMHC Survey, Ottawa, Canada, 1996):
"The causes of mold growth in finished basements are directly related to chronic wetting incidents rather than the wall finishing and insulating techniques... The main chronic moisture sources associated with mold growth in finished basements are exterior moisture sources and wetting mechanisms

Fact: Concrete walls are protected against ground moisture, yet lumber formed footings, located where moistire is highest, are unprotected.



Less expensive than lumber

Prevents rising damp

Fast to install

No damage to stakes & lumber

Lightweight, 120’ roll weighs 13lbs

Protects concrete from mud in winter & rapid hydration in summer




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