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RUSCANA specializes in supplying superior building products to Atlantic Canadians. Since 2001, Ruscana has supplied hundreds of homeowners with better-quality metal roofing systems, foundations and wall systems. arrowLearn more about RUSCANA

RUSCANA Roofing systems are introducing many creative possibilities. Home-owners, architects, builders, engineers and designers are all having a great time choosing a new roof. There are products to satisfy all your roofing needs, from structural enhancements to distinctive elegance for all roof styles. arrowLearn more about roofing products

ARXX Walls & Foundations, maker of the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America will dramatically reduce drafts and “cold spots” compared to conventional basements. The two layers of Arxx foam insulation will also eliminate most basement humidity problems. arrowLearn more about wall & foundation products

The footings play a specific load-bearing role in as much as they support the weight of the building, whether the building rests on rests on posts or walls which in turn rest on the footings. In planning footings, be sure to consider the type of soil in which they will be poured (clay, marshy etc.). At the very least, footings must be poured below the frost line. arrowLearn more about footing products

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Arxx is the stay-in-place concrete form designed by builders, for builders. It is the complete wall building system.

The footings play a specific load-bearing role as they support the weight of the building.



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